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Tuscany Honey

Our story begins in 2016, when we bought a bee hive from a beekeeper in Monte Amiata.

It was love at first sight! In a matter of days we managed to get two more hives and our family began to grow.

Our bees live in an uncontaminated environment, 700 meters above the sea level, surrounded by mountain flora.

Acacia trees, fruit plants, many different flowers and chestnut trees make our honey’s aromas unique.

We chose a sedentary beekeeping to promote our territory and stress our bees as less as possible.

In 2017, despite a very dry season, we managed to make our family grow by deciding to leave all the honey to our bees as a winter supply.

In 2018 we activated a beekeeping service in the area of Florence, which allows us to recover bee swarms in the city and its surroundings.

Thanks to this service and a favourable season, our family has further grown and we created a new apiary surrounded by alfalfa meadows.

Miele millefiori grezzo

Miele millefiori Toscano

We produce raw propolis and raw beeswax and soon we will also offer Royal jelly.

But our top product is wildflower honey, which we carefully separate according to the seasonality of various blooms.

In order to offer you a genuine product, we collect our honey only when it’s naturally operculated and let it age for at least 30 days.

After extracting the honey, we filter it and let it settle, then we put it in jars and our honey is ready to be enjoyed.

We don’t alter it with further processes, so our honey preserves all the flavours and aromas of nature.

Tuscany Honey

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